The Beauty Around Us

Living in Saratoga Springs, I get to see this view. Every. Day.


(photo credit: Niki Martins Photography)

Okay, so we might not see double rainbows every day, but come on. That mountain and lake. You cannot tell me that you don’t want to see the view from here. It is insane.

I have lived in Saratoga Springs for almost 8 years. We moved here in the Spring of 2009.

The housing market has changed immensely since that time. We had no neighbors. All of the homes sat empty for years. So many people were trying to tie up a short sale or foreclosure, and get into homes for cheap.

Now, the market is looking great, and my neighborhood has filled in nicely, with some of the most diverse, genuine, and helpful neighbors. My kids love it here. It is not just about the views. It is the people of Saratoga Springs that have made our family so grateful to live here in this lovely community.


Choosing a neighborhood can be challenging. So, how did we know this was where we were supposed to be?

The answer was simple: we could feel it as soon as we walked into our home. Really. Jonathan and I looked at each other and didn’t even have to say a word. We just knew.

You may not know yet exactly what, where, or why you are looking for a new home. I would love to make it easier on you.

If you don’t know where to start, just call me. I’m so happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you to pinpoint exactly the home you dream of having. I’ll do my best to protect you and watch out for you at every turn.

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I want to help you to see the beauty around you, wherever you want to be.