4 Reasons Having Cold Feet in Winter is Unnecessary

“Wait until spring.”

It is not good advice, and completely misleading, yet you hear it from self-proclaimed experts all the time.

Sweet winter home

It is freezing outside in Utah. You are ready to sell your home, but are holding off, believing that buyers “only search when it’s warm”. One problem…

You’re dead wrong.

I have scheduled most of this week to view homes in various price ranges with clients, and yours isn’t one of them. #ohsnap #sorrynotsorry

Okay, so maybe I’m a being a bit harsh, but I’m right. Why should you get over having cold feet about selling your home in the winter? Check out these 4 darn good reasons:

1. Buyers don’t have cold feet in the winter.

2. Your home will SHINE in the winter.

3. “But the weather…?” Not a problem.

4. Inventory is down. Take advantage of that fact.

Let’s explore each of these shocking realities, one at a time.

1. Buyers don’t have cold feet in the winter.

Sellers often do.search-online

Gather ’round, kids. Let’s have a little chit-chat about what you are up to, late at night, when you really should be asleep: searching online for your next home, or making plans for your next home….so are thousands of other potential buyers.

But do you know what those potential buyers aren’t finding in their search? Your home. They could be, and they should be.

2. Your home will SHINE in the winter.


Many potential sellers have been led to think, “if I wait until the spring, I’ll be able to sell super fast.” However, there may be an influx of listings in the spring, adding to the pool of homes that look and feel a whole lot like yours. Jump the gun, and list your home ahead of the surge.

And, as a showing tip: make sure your home literally shines with light by cleaning the windows, replacing lightbulbs, turning on outdoor lighting for showings in the evening, and opening the curtains/blinds.

3. “But the weather…?” Not a problem.

Although the Utah mountains have been dumped on this winter, there isn’t much snow on your roof. Buyers are still looking, whether it is cold or hot outside.


As a real estate agent, I am prepared to keep my buying clients comfortable, warm and happy through our home search days. Once your home is on the market, stage your home to feel inviting, the cold weather won’t be a problem. Shovel the pathways and set the thermostat to a comfy temperature to create an atmosphere of warmth in your home. (It will take even more effort in the spring, as you’ll have your entire yard to fuss over as well).

Also, if your agent’s online marketing strategy is effective, many buyers will be able to get a great feel for your home during extreme weather, without having to view your home in person. If your listing agent does it right, online marketing can make all the difference. If your agent does nothing but list your home with a low-quality photo on the MLS, you have been duped. There are so many possibilities and options for online marketing and other strategies to get your home in front of all who are searching.

4. Inventory is down. Take advantage of that fact.


Numbers nerds: unite. Let’s check out some stats. The Utah Association of REALTORS® publishes Utah’s home sale statistics for the nerds in the room (me). From November 2015 to November 2016, inventory dropped an astounding 23.7%, new listings dropped 8.6%, but the drop in inventory led to a rise in the median sales price by 6.4% during that same time period. (source: http://utahrealtors.com/news-center/housing-statistics/monthly-indicators-report/ accessible to Utah REALTORS®).

If you wisely choose to list your home in the winter, your home will stand out, likely attracting the buyers who are looking for your home, no matter the weather.

Call me for a consultation on the listing of your home in Utah. Thank you for stopping by!

heather-9Heather Johnson, REALTOR® with Better Homes and Gardens – Influence Partners in Pleasant Grove, Utah.




Some helpful links about selling in the winter:





Photo cred of the beautiful home in the main pic above… http://skonahem.com/inspirerande-hem/vintervackert-modernt-sekelskifte/

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