We should probably wait to sell our home, right?

“We will wait until the spring to list our home. That’s when buyers are out in full force.”

That’s one way of looking at it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all people looking for homes actually waited until your home was available in the spring?

In my own city of Saratoga Springs, Utah, sales in winter months match or exceed sales in spring months. For example: in December of 2016, 63 homes sold, but in March of 2017, 60 homes sold. The only difference: more homes were on the market in the spring. So for every home that sold, there were several others that sat, waiting for those “spring buyers”.

Listing your home in the winter is the perfect time. Your beautiful holiday decor will add to the ambience and feeling of home, giving buyers the vision of how it will be to enjoy the holidays in their new home.

There are about 100 homes listed currently in Saratoga Springs. More than half of those are not even completed yet. So, through the whole pricing range of $235k to $4 million, there are around 50 or less homes that are existing, quick move-ins.

Let’s say that your home is worth around $450,000. If so, you have only about 8 homes you are competing with that are move-in ready. (Priced from $420k to $480k). The rest in that range are new construction homes, which will likely take anywhere from 4 to 9 months to be completed.

If you list your home this week, you will be on the radar of all of the buyers in your price range. But, if you’d like to wait for better weather, that’s cool, too.

Just realize that your home will be much harder to find for buyers, when everyone else puts their homes up in March, too.

Same amount of buyers in every season. More homes listed in the spring than in the winter.

Do the math…

Then, call me. I am happy to help!

Heather Johnson




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