Dreaming is allowed: what are you looking for in a dream property?

Floor plans. Tons. Of. Them. All over my bedside table. Ask my husband.

I have used my pencil to sketch and create dream homes for years. This was one of my favorite hobbies, especially before Pinterest and Instagram came along. Now I just find what I like online, and save it there. But the dreaming and imagining is still a big part of my heart.

Are you playing the new game called “Design Home“, by Crowdstar? It isn’t necessarily floor plan design, but more of a game about interior design. (Okay, I apologize to your significant other, in advance. It will send you dreaming, so don’t get too hooked.) This has filled a part of the gap I experienced, since I haven’t been drawing floor plans and designs for homes as much. But, on a positive note, I’m saving paper… right?

So, as I dream and plan for a future dream home I am working toward, I have been wondering what style I really want. I love contemporary and clean lines, but I crave warmth and comfort in a home. I also like farmhouses, but am not a huge fan of a lot of chipped paint. I am totally confused about what style I would actually design, when the time comes.

What style do you like? If you were to have a dream home, what would you start with in your design? A favorite piece of art or furniture? An heirloom? A feeling? A color palette?

What would be your inspiration for the design of your home?

Here are some dream properties I have been drooling over…

Give me an idea of what your dreams are. I think I’m going to go sketch mine.


Heather Johnson, dreamer and Realtor

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Influence Partners

Pleasant Grove, UT

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