Staycation in Utah? Yes, Please!

We all want to get away from the routine of life, and run to the beach. I know I do! But if your budget doesn’t allow for that, here are some fun tips for Utah staycations, just a short drive away!



Hot days require water. Plain and simple.

Go check out Cowabunga Bay in Draper. Kids go crazy over this place. It’s not the ocean, but it’s water!

Cool off during the scorching days and feel like a kid again. It will do you some good.

Why not rent a cabana while you’re at it?




Loveland Living Planet Aquarium


So, you might think I’m obsessed with the ocean, as that’s all I talk about.

Busted. Seeing these beautiful animals up close is a great way to get my fix!

It’s a beautiful place to be. Throw the honus and shaka and see what they do. (They won’t do anything, but you’ll look cool, trust me).


Tibble Fork Reservoir
tibble fork

We used to live in Alpine, so heading up to throw rocks and fish at Tibble Fork was on our agenda every month or so. Weekends can be crowded, so try to head up there during the week. Take your fishing license and gear. Bring your dog, too! The views of Timp are incredible from here.


Homestead Resort in Midway


Naturally warm crater next to the resort

You’ll feel far from the busy days in the city when you arrive here.

So much to do! Swiss Days are held in September, so book your stay early to get a great room here, and enjoy the vendors, food and fun.


My husband and I certified for scuba diving in the crater. It’s so rad! It’s a bit silty, but it’s warm. You’re diving… IN. A. CRATER. It’s awesome.



We gotta give Idaho props, too. North Beach is located on the Idaho side of the lake, so here’s some great tips from our neighbors up north.


“The Caribbean of the Rockies” will not disappoint. Spend your days lounging on the beach, boating, or downing as many raspberry shakes as possible. The only caution I have is that you be smart on this lake. Storms come in without warning, so be aware of the weather. The storms kick up waves that seem unreal, they are so crazy.

But usually, especially in the morning, you’ll find beautiful glassy water. Stunning to see in person.

caveThere’s also a cool cave nearby that you can check out: Minnetonka Cave. But get there early! There is usually a bit of a wait.

June 9th is their Free Fishing Day! No license, no prob! Go play!


Park City

Summer would not be complete without a trip to enjoy Park City! Most only know it for it’s beautiful ski resorts in the winter. We love to go hiking and mountain biking in Park City. It’s so close, yet removed from the chaos and traffic of the valley. The air is clear and summer is never too hot. But if it is, dip in your hotel pool (there goes my obsession with water again).


For events and fun ideas, check out PCSC Arts.


I love living in Utah. I hope this was helpful for you and your friends! You don’t need to spend a fortune to get away. Choose a Utah Staycation, instead!


Heather Johnson

p.s. Thank you to Megan for help on this article! xoxo





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