COVID-19 tips for homeowners before you list!

Hi guys! Who could have predicted such a roller coaster such as this to throw off your plans?

Are you worried about the housing market? You are not alone. Nobody has a crystal ball that predicts what is coming next.

During a pandemic, careers can change, family circumstances adjust, and people still need to MOVE. Even if interest rates go up & down, and home sales slow (I have not seen this in my area yet, but see it in other states), or sales prices decline, people still have to move for various reasons.

If you are ready to list your home, but do not want a crowd of buyers pushing in your door with dirty shoes and hacking on everything, you are not being paranoid. You are being smart!

The Utah Association of REALTORS® recommends:

I have heard from colleagues that some people are not taking COVID-19 seriously, and refuse to take care to disinfect, wear gloves or masks…etc. Please do not find yourself eating your words. There is no reason to feel silly for asking those who enter your home to take precautions. It is not unrealistic for you to ask that buyers remove shoes, use hand sanitizer, and avoid touching any surfaces. This is actually a GREAT idea!

Take care of yourselves and those around you! Provide a little basket of anti-germ goodies for your entry: booties, gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, wipes. The World Health Organization provides a quick infographic of who could be affected by the coronavirus. Please be careful out there!

When you only have a few minutes before a buyer is coming, here’s a to-do list for that last-minute rush!

Thank you for stopping by!

Heather Johnson

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