“Where’s the pantry?” alternative ideas to a huge pantry

I work in real estate. It is my passion. However, being in this profession means I am incredibly picky (okay, I’m completely bougie), thanks to many beautiful homes I have toured. Don’t judge me for it.

I like nice things.

So, when it was OUR family’s turn for a big move, I was a bit biased, and well…downright bratty. My husband sent me pics of a home he felt really good about. The home had a purple door, so I of course was NOT interested. I mean, I’m the professional here. *pffft*

yep, that is purple alright.

I begrudgingly agreed to tour it with my husband. As soon as we opened the faded purple door, and were standing in that foyer, and it happened (picture the following experience in slow motion for full effect). I looked at my husband and we were both hit with an actual (not actual) bolt of lightning, from our heads to our toes.

For real. That thing I look for in my clients’ faces, the magic, you know? We felt it, and that moment, I knew it had to be our home. We had to fight other buyers for it, but eventually it was ours!

The home is in a great neighborhood, and was built in the early 90s. We LOVE the floor plan, the mature trees, the neighbors and feel of the whole house. It’s just SOLID, you know? We are so thrilled to live in that home! And yes, the door is now painted black.

But there is one small, teensy weensy detail:  THERE. IS. NO. PANTRY. *sad face*

Tall cupboard to the right of the ovens, where I store pretty much all dry goods.

What am I going to do with the lone tall and deep cupboard? We have 4 kids, and we often host friends and family in our home for parties or extended visits. Always dishing out food to the many random kids who come and go through our home. I love it, though! I am a self-admitted Costco junky who buys way more than I need (ask my friend Cynthia, who patiently attempts to teach me how to keep my kitchen organized as she cleans up after our crazy clan)! Where to put all of my duplicate jars of peaches and 8 jars of peanut butter (half of which are opened)?

There simply is not room for all of my crucial (not crucial) food items. I need ideas.

I turned to Pinterest, and found some GEMS. So, yes… I am in the planning stages of remodeling our kitchen. (Early planning stages, honey. Don’t worry.) Eventually, the wall in my kitchen that separates the kitchen from the formal dining room will be gone, and I’ll have a super long island with a lot more room!


Rob Lowe’s giant pantry in Montecito

I mean, who DOESN’T want a huge pantry? That’s one of the most impressive features in new homes, right? But I’m on the fence here. I may be considering an open kitchen with well-planned storage, some open and some closed behind gorgeous cabinetry, rather than a massive pantry. (Don’t hate me!)


Check out some of my shelving muses…

Found this simple and well-planned shelving from danslesac.co

I’ll admit, this concept makes me a little nervous… I mean, shouldn’t I add a huge pantry when we remodel?? Yet, it would steal valuable space from our living areas. And if the shelves are all planned at the right heights and depths, my storage will be rockin’!

Shown on Habitus Living

What is your vote? Bigger kitchen with smaller, shallow shelving or giant pantry, even if it makes your kitchen a little smaller?

Thanks for playin’! Heather

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