About Me

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A bit about me…

Some of my loves: my 4 kids (Briggs, Chanel, Max & Holland) & my amazing husband Jonathan, the beach (anywhere), singing, dancing, and meeting new friends everywhere we travel. Some of my favorite friends live in or traveled with us to the Carolinas, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Holland, Hawaii, and just about everywhere else. Here in Utah, I have met and become great friends with so many wonderful people. I love to learn about them and learn what makes them tick.

People matter to me. I love my people. I love to laugh. I have my friends’ back, through thick and thin, and I feel tremendous support and love from them as well. Relationships are the key to joy in my life. I can always learn something from every person I meet.

I am scuba certified, and took the opportunity of a lifetime: swimming with incredible whale sharks. Terrifying, but exhilarating. This is actually not really like me to do something so crazy. But I knew I would love it, and my husband convinced me, so I just jumped off the boat (into thousands of feet of ocean) when our guide shouted, “Jump, lady!!” Words can’t describe how cool this was for me. I still remember feeling as though I was on another planet, swimming as fast as I could after that giant creature. It looked as though it was barely moving, but we could barely keep up.

The joy I find in serving others is something I learned from my parents, when I grew up on a ranch in Farmington, Utah. It is still, by far, my favorite place on earth. It is my escape. my parents still maintain the road (about a mile long, up a steep grade) all winter and grade it in the summer. They have set the tone for my life. My mom told me to “have a dream, and live your dream”, and that I can do anything. I believe her. But it is because of her and those who support me.

Waking up early and working hard allowed us a lot of time together as a family, caring for the horses, fish, ducks, dogs, cats, chickens, and other random animals my mom and I would take in. My volunteer opportunities at church and in my neighborhood have allowed me to get to know some of the most remarkable youth and friends I could have ever imagined knowing. Giving back is my goal. I want to lift and jump in to help those who need me.

Here are my Learning Circle friends. We gather every month, rotating from home to home, discussing important principles and lessons learned. These women have become sisters to me. They are from all over, but we come together and support one another through good and bad stuff. It’s the best.


As a Utah REALTOR┬«, I am passionate about serving people. This career is the best decision I have made for my own personal development and growth. I chose Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Influence Partners because they treated me with so much respect and kindness, and I feel at home with them. We just had an amazing experience in Las Vegas at the Realogy conference. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, along with a few other brands, rocked out to a private Imagine Dragons concert, which was incredible! We learned how to treat our clients better, offer more value and service, and become better individuals. I am always open to improvement and growth, which is easy to do when I am surrounded by excellent clients, family, friends and co-workers!