What is an inclusion?

Magnify Real Estate Trigon, representing unique traits and valuable qualities each of our individual clients holds.

How much time do you spend thinking about photomicrography images of flawed gemstones? What do they have to do with real estate? You don’t know? Where have you been all this time? Just kidding. They didn’t have any connection to real estate for me, until I learned a bit more about these magnified images.

Fun facts: these “flaws” on gems are sometimes shaped like really cool stacked triangles, called “trigons”. Another name for the flaws on gemstones is “inclusions”. *Seriously*. Inclusions. Such a beautiful thought! We seek to magnify the powerful and unique qualities within each of our clients, adding our own strengths and experience to elevate and empower their dreams and vision. We don’t only look at the big picture, but examine the details of every situation to seek understanding. Magnify Real Estate is here to uplift our clients in every way we can.
When you think you don’t have anything to contribute, you are wrong. Your powerful inclusions that you have formed throughout your life will bless the life of another. You are needed and valued, especially when you come as you are, flaws and all.

Can you imagine these precious gems without their designs and inclusions? They would not be as special, that’s for sure.
The next set of images were taken by a Canadian gemmologist and photographer, Anthony de Goutiere. I asked permission to use his photos, and was kindly given permission by his son, Paul, with one request: that I donate a certain amount to a local charity. Of course!! How cool is that? Learn more about his work here: Anthony de Goutiere
Thinking of Paul’s generosity, I needed to decide on a deserving charity…for about one second! So, I made a contribution to the Younique Foundation, which helps adult women who were victims of childhood abuse by providing resources and an incredible retreat, allowing them to take crucial, healing steps in a safe environment. These survivors are not alone, but are welcomed into a group of other women who share a similar painful past.
the Haven retreat

When we focus in on something so supposedly flawed and imperfect, we find there is a lot more good and beauty than meets the eye. We look down upon ourselves, rather than reach out to others. We need one another. We will be staying connected with this charity in the future, so watch for some great opportunities to help!

The inclusions on precious stones are what make the gem unique, one-of-a-kind. When we feel deep pain from past hurt, fear, betrayal or disappointment, we may not realize what is forming within us. We might actually be creating a future that is more brilliant than we could have ever imagined. In reality, our inclusions make us powerful and strong! We are more able to relate with one another, empathize with others, and lean upon one another’s wisdom!
Anthony de Goutiere
At Magnify Real Estate, we chose the trigon as our symbol of strength and growth. We believe that “inclusion” is a much larger concept than we have previously thought. We are here to serve one another, and to lift others up. We magnify the good in our clients’ goals and dreams.
We look forward to working with you, and cannot wait to see what we can do together! Reach out with any questions you may have.

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Thank you, Heather Armstrong Johnson