“Where’s the pantry?” alternative ideas to a huge pantry

I work in real estate. It is my passion. However, being in this profession means I am incredibly picky (okay, I’m completely bougie), thanks to many beautiful homes I have toured. Don’t judge me for it.

I like nice things.

So, when it was OUR family’s turn for a big move, I was a bit biased, and well…downright bratty. My husband sent me pics of a home he felt really good about. The home had a purple door, so I of course was NOT interested. I mean, I’m the professional here. *pffft*

yep, that is purple alright.

I begrudgingly agreed to tour it with my husband. As soon as we opened the faded purple door, and were standing in that foyer, and it happened (picture the following experience in slow motion for full effect). I looked at my husband and we were both hit with an actual (not actual) bolt of lightning, from our heads to our toes.

For real. That thing I look for in my clients’ faces, the magic, you know? We felt it, and that moment, I knew it had to be our home. We had to fight other buyers for it, but eventually it was ours!

The home is in a great neighborhood, and was built in the early 90s. We LOVE the floor plan, the mature trees, the neighbors and feel of the whole house. It’s just SOLID, you know? We are so thrilled to live in that home! And yes, the door is now painted black.

But there is one small, teensy weensy detail:  THERE. IS. NO. PANTRY. *sad face*

Tall cupboard to the right of the ovens, where I store pretty much all dry goods.

What am I going to do with the lone tall and deep cupboard? We have 4 kids, and we often host friends and family in our home for parties or extended visits. Always dishing out food to the many random kids who come and go through our home. I love it, though! I am a self-admitted Costco junky who buys way more than I need (ask my friend Cynthia, who patiently attempts to teach me how to keep my kitchen organized as she cleans up after our crazy clan)! Where to put all of my duplicate jars of peaches and 8 jars of peanut butter (half of which are opened)?

There simply is not room for all of my crucial (not crucial) food items. I need ideas.

I turned to Pinterest, and found some GEMS. So, yes… I am in the planning stages of remodeling our kitchen. (Early planning stages, honey. Don’t worry.) Eventually, the wall in my kitchen that separates the kitchen from the formal dining room will be gone, and I’ll have a super long island with a lot more room!


Rob Lowe’s giant pantry in Montecito

I mean, who DOESN’T want a huge pantry? That’s one of the most impressive features in new homes, right? But I’m on the fence here. I may be considering an open kitchen with well-planned storage, some open and some closed behind gorgeous cabinetry, rather than a massive pantry. (Don’t hate me!)


Check out some of my shelving muses…

Found this simple and well-planned shelving from danslesac.co

I’ll admit, this concept makes me a little nervous… I mean, shouldn’t I add a huge pantry when we remodel?? Yet, it would steal valuable space from our living areas. And if the shelves are all planned at the right heights and depths, my storage will be rockin’!

Shown on Habitus Living

What is your vote? Bigger kitchen with smaller, shallow shelving or giant pantry, even if it makes your kitchen a little smaller?

Thanks for playin’! Heather

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Gratitude for my incredible clients!

I was updating my information on a site called “RealSatisfied”, where clients can rate and review my work. I didn’t realize just how many had been so kind to me!! Thank you all so much! You make me want to be better every day! I love you!

Here are several of these incredible testimonials. I am beyond grateful! If you were not sure whether or not your kind words matter to those with whom you work, THEY DO! I am determined to pay it forward!! xoxo Heather

Image from unsplash.com

“Heather was so helpful, we were glad to have her on our home buying team! With a market that seemed impossible to buy in, Heather kept us calm and confident to find our first home. She made the process seamless and easy, but more importantly, she kept the process fun! We fully intend to use her again when we’re ready to move.” -Adam and Kylee

“Heather is amazing! My husband and I knew she was the realtor for us immediately. She is very honest, great personality, and does her research. Heather made the process of selling our house so easy. I highly recommend her as your realtor. She is truly amazing! And goes above and beyond to make her clients feel at ease.” -Amy

“If you’re looking for a genuine, honest and amazing realtor, you need to partner with Heather. Her passion for real estate and client service go above and beyond all expectations. She is the most caring, loving and genuine person I know and I’d recommend her to anyone.” – Michele

“Having worked with Heather in capacities other than real estate, we found her to be very professional and work very hard. She has shown love and compassion and has been able to influence people very well. She was very attentive to our needs. She made us feel like we were her only clients even though we knew she was dealing with other clients at the same time. Heather was very professional through the whole process. She has a special talent at helping clients get the best care. We fully trusted Heather with the entire home buying experience. If there was ever a time she didn’t have an answer for us she was honest about it and helped us the best she could. She did her research well.” – Amber and Ryan

“Heather Johnson is the very best. She is always willing to help and always available. Her success as a realtor is evident in the homes she sells but even more so in the relationships she creates. We would recommend her to family and friends alike. You will be happy!” – Edward Axley, Davies Design Build

“I do not even know where to begin. I am currently moving from California to Utah which is a huge transition for me. My husband is getting transferred and I never thought I would be selling my beautiful home in California and moving to another state! After a brief bad experience with a different realtor, I randomly found Heather on the internet and took another chance on a realtor, blindly hoping this would work out! Little did I know that I would literally meet an angel here on earth. She is not only my realtor, but has also become my friend. She goes above and beyond for her clients, as she has proved this to us time and time again. I cannot express how professional, kind , and down right amazing our experience with Heather has been. She has video taped dozens of homes in our search to find the perfect one for us even when we had to be in California- she made sure we didn’t miss out on a thing! If you ever need a realtor, you would be lucky to get the chance to work with Heather! If you have any questions – feel free to reach out to me. I have no problem sharing my experience.” – Garry and Wendi

“Heather went the extra mile with us and was very fun and professional to house shop with. Her winning personality on positive energy makes her an asset to any organization. Our personal needs for the home are very specific and rare to find. Heather was continually patient with us despite having to visit numerous houses. She made the experience fun and exciting. I commented that I was almost sad when we found a home because we wouldn’t get to go spend the day with Heather anymore. She put our needs at the highest priority missing appointments and always having snacks or water so we could keep from getting hangry. What an awesome lady!!!” -Scott and Melayne

“Heather Johnson was always ambitious and proactive about every area of the sale. We were continually impressed! Her personality as an agent was perfect for us. She was always professional and patient, but always kept an element of fun and humor in the process as well. We felt confident in her every step of the way, and she made the process extremely easy for us. Our experience selling with her was excellent, and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. We would happily recommend her to anyone!” -Ryan and Darci

“Heather is not only a dear friend of ours, but THE BEST REALTOR EVER! She’s very professional and went above and beyond in every way possible. Heather is beautiful inside and out; She’s so genuine, down-to-earth, fun and funny, and has the biggest heart. Her amazing qualities were very much needed, and appreciated and made our buying experience so much better. We love and adore Heather, and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! 5 stars all around!!!” – Josh and Alyson

“Heather was amazing. She took charge and fulfilled all our needs and wants. I can’t imagine a better agent. ” – Lara

“Over the past year, Heather has been nothing but amazing to work with. From day 1, I knew she was the right realtor for us. She brought a positivity to the process that I just loved, and even more importantly she has a buyers eye and identified many areas in the home that with a little change here and a little change there would really make the home sing. Heather was the common theme through it all, from paint suggestions, staging the home, open houses, strong marketing investments to ultimately attracting the right buyer for our property. Amazing!” Jamie

“Heather went above and beyond to take care of my wife and I. We came to her from the recommendation of my mother with 40 days to find a place to live. Somehow, she waved her magic wand and within a week we had visited almost a dozen houses and found the one we liked. Then she went to bat to get us a great deal and take care of all our needs so we were able to close, clean, and move in on time! Amazing experience! I have never seen anybody work so hard.” Brenton and Kaitlynn

“Heather Johnson was knowledgeable in helping us sell our home, so we felt it sold in a timely manner at a good price. She has such a loving personality that is easy to work with and you can tell that she genuinely cares about you. She was so sweet in letting my kids call her ‘Agent Heather’, it is our nickname for her. We appreciate all the help she gave in moving us too, Wow, that is above and beyond! I would recommend Heather as an agent because I know that she would see the needs of any client she has and help them to the best of her ability.” Crystal and Ryan

“We are so grateful to Heather for all her help in selling our home. She staged it beautifully and was always willing to answer any questions we had. It was great having such an approachable, kind, friendly advocate on our side through it all!” Jenna and Connor

“Heather Johnson is extremely organized, thorough and aggressive when it comes to real estate negotiations which is exactly what is needed in order to be successful in this very competitive market. She has all of the skills and intellect to guide her clients through this complicated process and we were incredibly pleased with her expertise in helping us navigate this process. The most important part of this process for us was having an agent that would respond to us in a timely manner. Heather would usually respond to any and all questions within a matter of a few minutes. Secondly, we need an advocate, someone to stick up for OUR interests and with Heather that’s exactly what you get. We would recommend her to anybody” Jeff and Melenie

“Heather worked hard to find properties that were acceptable. Because of the complications due to the lack of the sale of my property we had to go to plan “C” to fund the purchase of the my lot . If Heather did not know about one of the details involving the sale she found out what it was. Thank you Heather” Chuck

“From the minute we met with Heather to the final day of sale, we felt confident and well taken care of. Heather was positive and so helpful through the whole process. She kept things moving and went above and beyond what was necessary. I would easily recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.” Susan and Mark

“I rarely take the time to fill out a survey for anything but thought I should for Heather Johnson. She made this entire process easy and painless. From the information gathering to the closing I never felt like I did not know what was going on or where in the process we were. I never felt pressured or out of control. My wife and I were very pleased with the entire process and would highly recommend her to anyone needing an agent.” Jason

Heather is very upbeat, helpful, and attentive to detail. She listened to our needs and did everything she could to make it happen. Justin and Sherrie



Pumpkin Patch Event was a SMASH HIT!

My people are the BEST! THANK YOU FOR JOINING ME in celebrating fall at our annual Pumpkin Patch Event! Our client events bring together friends, neighbors, families for free fun.

A BIG THANK YOU to Ashlee, Taylor and Sandra for going above and beyond for our brokerage, every time! Thank you to our brokers and owners for providing so much fun!

I owe my dear friends so much more that just a party for their generous support and friendship. I love you!


If I missed you this year, and you’re interested in being included in my free events, reach out to me anytime!


Happy Halloween and Happy Fall, Y’all!!

Heather Johnson, REALTOR®

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Influence Partners


Professional photos by Allison Niccum. Non-professional by my iPhone.

DIY Room-Freshening Spray Recipe to Try Today


After a long winter, there’s nothing better than opening the windows in your home to invite in fresh spring air. To give your home a boost, add a homemade touch…

*Cue natural home sprays*

scarlet sage image

Darling storefront, right?

Megan, our Director of Operations, with the help of her talented sister, Laura Ash, owner of The Scarlet Sage Herb Co. in San Fransisco put together some simple and lovely concoctions for home room fresheners. They were kind enough to let me share these with you. Enjoy!

First, mix these base ingredients:

¾ Cup water

2 Tablespoons rubbing alcohol

Essential oils (customize from the options below, or create your own)



Citrus Mint

10 drops orange oil

8 drops peppermint oil



Summer Citrus

5 drops orange oil

5 drops lemon oil

5 drops lime oil

5 drops grapefruit

Beautiful nature - lavender flowers and butterfly, butterfly on lavender


Happy Home

5 drops lavender oil

5 drops rosemary oil

5 drops lemon oil



Flower Garden

8 drops lavender oil

5 drops geranium

4 drops grapefruit



Add all ingredients to an 8oz bottle, shake well, happy spraying!

Thank you, Megan and Laura for these fun ideas!

Spring Cleaning Tips: Prepping Your Home to Sell

Spring is coming fast! It makes me happy that the sun will be much more present, but springtime also gets me in the cleaning mood.

Disclaimer: I am usually NOT a fan of cleaning, but I LOVE a clean house. It is truly such a gift for me when my home is free from clutter. My baby is 3 now, so she’s still a bit of a busy bee who likes to make a lot of messes. I am looking forward to a little less clutter in the future…please tell me it happens.


I need my house to look like this. Always.

Some life hacks that will help you clean out stubborn stains and organize your home in a way that helps it to feel clean: I HAVE THEM HERE. Step right up!

Ebay has some great cleaning tips that can help you stay on top of it all.

Tangent: I tried the Marie Kondo thing. She’s a genius. I’d love to know how I can make her methods work in a family of 6 in a medium/large home, not a tiny apartment in Japan.

Moving on…

For crazy stains that have been bothering you around the house, try these tips from The Indian Spot.  A couple tips: white chalk to remove oil stains, and vinegar to remove blood stains. My question is, how many people need to remove blood from their home? This is a frightening thought.


Some helpful blogs/sites…

Sand between my piggies (a fun name for a blog, right?) recommends several options for carpet stains.

Wrapped in rust recommends several ways to maintain a clean home.

She Knows recommends these life hacks.


What are some ways you get in the spring cleaning mood? Please share your ideas! Happy cleaning!

Dreaming is allowed: what are you looking for in a dream property?

Floor plans. Tons. Of. Them. All over my bedside table. Ask my husband.

I have used my pencil to sketch and create dream homes for years. This was one of my favorite hobbies, especially before Pinterest and Instagram came along. Now I just find what I like online, and save it there. But the dreaming and imagining is still a big part of my heart.

Are you playing the new game called “Design Home“, by Crowdstar? It isn’t necessarily floor plan design, but more of a game about interior design. (Okay, I apologize to your significant other, in advance. It will send you dreaming, so don’t get too hooked.) This has filled a part of the gap I experienced, since I haven’t been drawing floor plans and designs for homes as much. But, on a positive note, I’m saving paper… right?

So, as I dream and plan for a future dream home I am working toward, I have been wondering what style I really want. I love contemporary and clean lines, but I crave warmth and comfort in a home. I also like farmhouses, but am not a huge fan of a lot of chipped paint. I am totally confused about what style I would actually design, when the time comes.

What style do you like? If you were to have a dream home, what would you start with in your design? A favorite piece of art or furniture? An heirloom? A feeling? A color palette?

What would be your inspiration for the design of your home?

Here are some dream properties I have been drooling over…

Give me an idea of what your dreams are. I think I’m going to go sketch mine.


Heather Johnson, dreamer and Realtor

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Influence Partners

Pleasant Grove, UT

Your Dream Home: Step-by-Step

It’s pretty easy for me to know what I like in a home design.


From littledekonings.com

I have been pinning beautiful images to my “Dream Home” Pinterest Board for years. Check mine out: Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.52.32 PM

Knowing what I want isn’t the issue, and it isn’t the issue for most dreamers. The issue is that buyers, in general, are clueless about what they need to know and do, and in which order steps are to be taken.

I mean, you thought you just dream about the property you want, choose a builder, have them build your dream home, and voila! Perfection!

Easy, right? 

Take it from Jack Nicholson, who answered this simple question with a resounding, “NOPE!” (Okay, he didn’t say that. But I bet he would!)



Please consider the following steps…

Step 1. Have a Dream


This looks pretty dreamy to me.

“Wait, I thought you were sort of shaming me out of dreaming, Heather!”

No, I actually want you to follow my mom’s words of wisdom:

“Have a dream, and live your dream!” (She really said that. Thanks, Mom!).

Without a dream, you’ll be spinning your wheels, never achieving anything.

Decide what you and your loved ones want in a home. Be bold and deliberate, but realistic, visualizing how you will use every room, every outdoor space, access to recreation and work, usability of the property, the details about what you are hoping for in a neighborhood and community…etc.

Start with a dream.


Step 2. Partner with a Realtor.

One of the most important choices you can make is selecting the Realtor who will help you through the entire process of purchasing property: whether it’s an existing home, land, or a new construction home. A trusted, ethical Realtor can make or break a purchase. You want to find one who responds to you, offers you help, and treats you with respect.

Heather 20%

I would love to be your Realtor

Here is just a portion of what a Realtor should do for you:

  • Be on your team from the beginning. I love to meet with you and learn all I can about your goals to be the best agent I can be.
  • Listen to your dreams, and care about you and your family.
  • Advise you from start to finish, and becomes a trusted advisor in the future when you have questions down the road.
  • Connect you with the best financial specialists, escrow officers, or other professionals they know to help you through the particulars of the transaction.
  • Take action to help you find what you are looking for.
  • Show you any and all properties in which you are interested.
  • Educate you on the state of the local real estate market as changes come.
  • If you want to build your own home, introduce you to reputable builders that are the best in the field.
  • Become an extra set of ears and eyes in every meeting you would like them to attend. You’re in charge. You are not bothering your agent when you include them in meetings. They can help alert you to red flags, calm your concerns, and take notes for future reference.
  • Negotiate on your behalf, getting the most bang for your buck from any home seller, builder, or land owner.
  • Show loyalty, confidentiality and obedience.
  • Consult with you, day or night, addressing your questions and concerns to the best of his/her ability.
  • Research any information you have need of knowing. Really, this is one of those options that many people just don’t realize they can ask of their agent.
  • Keep paperwork organized, emailing you copies of all interactions. You shouldn’t have to think too hard when it comes to signing documents. They will help you understand what you are signing through the process (and there is a lot to sign!).
  • Assist you in keeping deadlines met, reminding you of all important dates.
  • Communicate promptly and often, responding quickly to your needs.
  • Advocate for you in any and all situations through the end of the process.
  • Follow up after all is said and done, addressing any new concerns or issues.
  • Field calls and struggles that arise, alleviating the pressure on your shoulders.
  • So many other personalized tasks and efforts that you will never really know about, and that’s okay! I love what I do, and it involves totally different efforts based on my individual client’s needs. Every situation is unique, and every client is different. That is what makes it so exciting!
  • Bonus: invite you to special client parties, movies, sporting events. (wink)

Step 3. Prepare Financially


This is the part where we all want to plug our ears, close our eyes, and bury our heads in the sand. Financial stuff can be intimating for many buyers. Your agent will know who is great to work with and who to avoid. Don’t use your brother-in-law’s cousin’s neighbor out of some sort of obligation (sorry, bud)!

Shop a few lenders, to see who you want to work with, what their fees are, and to be sure you feel good about your choice. Loan officers who work regularly with your agent will put forth extra effort to stay on top of their job for them, knowing they will only receive future referrals when they do their job well.

Information that most lenders will ask you to bring with you:

(this documents list is from my awesome loan partner, Trisha Wollebaek with Citywide Home Loans in Utah. twollebaek@citywidehomeloans.com Thanks, Trisha!)

  1. 2 years most recent tax returns, personal and/or business (all schedules/ pages are required).
  2. 2 years W2/1099’s for each person listed on the loan application (K1’s if applicable).
  3. 2 most recent pay stubs covering 1 full month, must include year-to-date earnings (be sure the entire page is legible and nothing has been cut off in the margins)
  4. 2 most recent checking/savings/retirement statements (All pages, even if they are blank, are required. If you have any large unidentified deposits over $300, we need documentation showing where the money came from.).
  5. Name and contact information of the insurance agent for your homeowners insurance policy. If you do not have a trusted insurance agent, please let us know and we will refer you to a reputable insurance provider.
  6. A current mortgage statement (if applicable)
  7. Divorce decree (if applicable, all pages required)
  8. Bankruptcy discharge papers and all schedules (if applicable)

Your loan officer will offer ideas to improve your current financial readiness, if needed: suggesting that you resist new large purchases, pay down revolving debt, bring all accounts current (if there are any that need your attention), save up for closing costs and a down payment, and avoid new debts. If you play your cards right, you can receive the best financing options, such as lower rates and fees, saving you money in the long-run.


Once you obtain the credit-approval letter (sometimes called a pre-qualification or pre-approval), include it with your offer on your dream property. This shows financial strength and capability to the seller, and will give you a better chance at obtaining an acceptance of your offer. Hooray!

Step 4. It’s all about the House


Building? Meet the builders you want to meet with, and those your agent suggests as well. Bring your plans and ideas, staying consistent with your budget so you compare apples to apples.  After you have the main ideas and plans in place, knowing the measurements of the footprint of the home, you are ready to find your ideal piece of land.

There are several loan options with land. You can purchase the land only, and sit on it, but this will usually require a HEFTY down payment. My suggestion, if you’d like to save on the down payment, is to acquire a wrapped loan that includes the land (lot loan) and the cost of your future home (construction loan). It takes a bit more time, but your down payment can be much lower, freeing up cash for other home details, such as furnishings, yard…etc. Again, obtain professional advice from trusted loan officers before jumping in. (There are so many moving parts to home construction, this will be a topic of a future article…I just know it).


Purchasing an existing home? Go see the homes you like with your agent. I like to suggest to my clients that they always keep their top 2-3 homes in mind, and adjust it as you find better homes, kicking off those that do not meet your expectations.

Keep in mind the 80/10/10 rule: you’ll likely find an existing home that you love 80%, hate 10%, and can make adjustments to 10% (Thank you, Creston Inderrieden, in Houston, TX, Broker/Owner of IndyQuest Properties, for this concept).

For example, you could find what seems to be the perfect home: a great floor plan, perfect neighborhood, close to your work, on a quiet street, with beautiful views. But the paint color inside is horrific and the backyard is only partially finished, and there are large power lines nearby. Take a step back, and see what of the home meets 80% of your expectations, the 10% that can be changed (paint and yard), and the 10% that cannot be changed (power lines). It still is a great choice, but you may have to live with one or two things that bug you.

Depending on the market conditions, you might be left without the luxury of “think on it” time. If a home meets your key criteria, and the 80/10/10 rule, go for it! In this market, buyers are competitive, and sellers are picky.

Your agent will assist you with your offer, and you’re on your way!


Step 5. Sell your current home.


Need to sell your existing home before you purchase a new home? To learn of the best timing, work with your agent, builder, and loan officer to plan the best timeline for your situation. Some choose to list their home right away, and move in with family or into a rental property during the building/moving process. Others wait until a couple of months before completion of their new home, then list their current home. Some rent out their current home, using it as an ongoing investment that brings returns.

Consult with your team to learn what would work best for you.

Heads up: moving can be stressful. It also can be exciting and fun at times, but there are always obstacles that are thrown your way. There will be days when you are overwhelmed and tired, feeling as though you want to give up your dream.

Keep your dream at the top of your list. Hold on to what you truly want to create in your next home. Buckle up, prepare by taking the right steps, with the right team, and press on with confidence.



Thanks for reading!

Contact me if you have any questions. heather@bhginfluence.com

For fun, this is one of my favorite houses. I like to dream, too!


I love this house style, but I prefer a bit smaller. I dream of a stone home with black windows, nestled in the trees. It will happen one day. I know it!


Face it: you want to live here.

Have I mentioned that I love it here? I do. And you will, too. We have such a unique community in Saratoga Springs, Utah. People from all around the country who felt in their gut that they needed to move here. It is so common, that I just assume now that everyone who lives here experienced the same feeling. We knew we belonged here the second we walked into our current home. We just knew.

Come be our neighbors! We would love to show you why Saratoga Springs is booming. It is a lovely place to live, for many reasons. Plus: we are supposedly getting a COSTCO! Can I hear a “aw YEAH”?!

Here are two beautiful residential listings that are fully finished homes, ready for you!

In Summerhill Subdivision…

5 bedroom 3 bathroom home on Honeysuckle Drive


View from the front porch. Utah Lake and Timpanogos.

Link to information about the lovely home above…  utahrealestate.com/1444256


In Hawk’s Landing Subdivision…

Beautiful beach-style home on Osprey Trail

View from the Master Suite

Link to more information about this beautiful home… utahrealestate.com/1445673


There are two lakefront properties left of the four we listed this spring, right on the water in Lake Cove Subdivision. One is 1/3 acre and one is almost 1/2 acre. Both are stunning, and you can bring your own builder! If you need assistance finding one, I can help you with that!

I know, right? It’s like a dream. Just reduced to $259,000 for almost 1/2 acre of lake front property. utahrealestate.com/1434528

And, right next to that gorgeous property, sits this incredible 1/3 acre lot…

Just reduced to $189,000 utahrealestate.com/1434540

If you have a home or property you would like to buy or sell, I am here for you to help provide the best service possible.

I love my clients. I really have the best! I am honored to help them achieve their dreams in real estate.  Call me, text me, or email me if you have any questions or are in need of an agent who cares about YOU. I would love to help! Thanks!

My family in 2016.

Heather Johnson, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Influence Partners in Pleasant Grove, Utah.



Waterfront Property in Saratoga Springs, Utah, Ready to Build your Dream Home

In the gorgeous Lake Cove community near the marina in South Saratoga Springs, Utah, these beautiful properties await your custom dream home. Bring your own builder. Watch this video on YouTube as well.

influenceListed by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Influence Partners, Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Heather Johnson, listing agent 801-369-4841 heather@BHGinfluence.com

4 properties available: 3 right on Utah Lake, and 1 across the quiet road, Spinnaker Bay Drive.

See the listings on the MLS below.









Lake Cove Properties listed by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Influence Partners, Heather Johnson, agent: Lot 1, 11, 12, 13

Map lots for sale (2)